Minstergate Weimaraners


I have been involved with Weimaraners since 1987 having previously owned and shown the Willowsett English Setters with my parents, David & Joan Hobson.

I started to work for Gil Simpson, just at weekends but this soon progressed to a more full time roll when I left school. I was given a Weimaraner bitch to show myself, Sireva Sideshow, (Mabel) whom I did very well with. She was Top Weimaraner Puppy in 1989 and she won 1 Challenge Certificate and 9 Reserve Challenge Certificates. Mabel also won Best in Show at the Weimaraner Club of Great Britain Open Show.


Welcome to my World!

I am Claire Rodgers and I own and breed Weimaraners.

My dogs are primarily pets which like to lounge in front of the fire or by my feet, are shown with success and are worked regularly throughout the shooting season on various shoots, proving that the Weimaraner is a truly versatile breed!

Since being involved with the Weimaraner, I have shown many to their Show Champion titles and 3 to their full Champion title as well as breeding a full Champion. I believe that a Weimaraner should be able to do the job it was bred for and I try to adhere to this when breeding.

I believe the Weimaraner remains a dual purpose Gundog unlike setters, spaniels or Labrador Retrievers which have split into show and working types. There are people who choose to work or show their Weimaraner but this does not mean it is not capable of doing another discipline. Every Weimaraner, in my opinion will work given the opportunity and experience therefore there is no such thing as working or show lines within the breed.

Throughout the game season, my dogs are regularly shot over, attend a few shoots as picking-up dogs and part of the beating line.

When breeding puppies, my vet will dock the tails as long as the Law allows. Each puppy will have a docking certificate to state it has been legally docked and also microchipped. As my bitches are worked this enables me to have the puppies tails docked.

I will only breed from stock which is of sound mind and body and capable of doing the job it was bred for. I am a member of all 4 Weimaraner clubs in the UK and I am also a member of the Kennel Club.

I am currently the Secretary for the North of England Weimaraner Society (N.E.W.S.) having held the position since 2007 and serving as Membership Secretary before that.

I award Challenge Certificates in Weimaraners (Breed Specialist) having awarded my first set at Windsor Championship Show in 2018 - a very memorable day.

Photo by Dave Williams